It all began in 1996, when, as a consequence of moving abroad, I got a female white miniature poodle as a present from the owner of Circus “Holiday”. This beautiful poodle was called "Sétányszépe - White Ramona", and it had been born in Hungary, as a puppy of multichampion parents.

She was more intelligent than the average, and she proved it by performing various circus tricks and wonderful acrobatic feats throughout the country, without any mistakes. In 1998 I bought a male white toy poodle, named Powderpuff Archibald. It was born in Hungary, as a puppy of European and international champion parents.
In 2000, by coupling "Sétányszépe - White Ramona" and Powderpuff Archibald, I got the first litter from which I chose for myself a female toy poodle, named Ana of Andy-YU.
In 2001, from their second litter I picked out for myself a cute female puppy of the white poodle, which was called Biba of Andy-YU.
In 2003 I registered my kennel under the name “OF FAMILY URBAN” YU-FCI 4288. My entire family takes part in the rearing of this noble and intelligent breed, with all their love, attention and care: Mark Urban, my father; Rozalia Urban, my mother; and of course, myself, the owner of the kennel, Rudolf Urban.
That same year I coupled Biba of Andy-YU with a two-time champion called Lucky Fantastico of “Holly Hobby”.
From that litter I chose for myself the smallest and the cutest female, Lili “of Family Urban” Yu.
In 2004 I repeated the coupling from the previous year, and I reared a beautiful female called Jazvin “of Family Urban” Yu.
In 2005 we reared two litters, one of toy and one of miniature white poodles.

In 2006 we are expecting 2 litters of toy and 3 litters of miniature white poodles!


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